Saturday, May 14, 2011


Loveliest Day 
Sweetest Night

This is the sequence of a love story of Jufri and Farhana. me as Jufri and my darling as Farhana, hehehe. After 1month of planning on our 2nd date, at last on the 31 December 2010 night around 10pm there she was with her black sexy car savvy WUS 7405 she came and she picked me up at the KTU bustand. We were off to Penang to celebrate our first new year together. Again we've planned this trip for a month earlier. So we had a lot of fun and sweet things together on the way to the island she wore the same color t's as mine which is black, everything were sexy black hehehe. The last time we say each other was at Sunway Lagoon on our first date, and that was like 1 month earlier. So imagined the craving for her love that i did not get for a month. She was a bit shy thats so cute of her hehehe. Few minutes to midnight, we were so unfortunate, we were a late due to unexpected matters, few Kilos to the Penang bridge but were already late the fireworks around the island were already shot out to the sky, and we were still in the car stuck in the traffic but it was so beautiful, yes the view was only in the car, but wow wow wow it was so beautiful and what makes it better is Farhana, i looked at her how she was excited with the fireworks. Then half and hour after in the heavy traffic we at last on the Penang bridge on our way to the island. The first time i was with any girl in the island, better again was with Farhana, when we arrived in the island, we realized that our plan was failed. We randomly went around the WHOLE ISLAND! the main back up plan was to go for shisha and hang around in any cafe. On that night we finally settled by the Shang-Rila beach. It was a beautiful night we sat by the beach under the moonlight! ah such romance! hehehehe...we stayed there for hours till dawn, and on the morning is as the video! ENJOY!!!!