Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party Pooper

It's 2.38am, still not asleep yet. After days with Ana M. everything when so well, ok who am i kidding, honestly it is great to have Ana M. as my darling although it ain't official yet, but still its nice to have her by my side, and i love her, i really do....well everyday since i met her, i went trough it wonderfully, but, there always a but, well but..her old pass keeps on coming back and ruining the happy moments. It is like when we were laughing and laughing, then few minutes later, he came and ruining the moments, it doesn't last but then again, after another few hours, there will be another story about that person who should not be named. That person who should not be named is becoming a party pooper, he has to ruin the moment every time. Well if it's not for Ana M. i'll be raging my anger. Honestly i don't even like it when people ruin my own happy moments. Such a turn off! agh what an angry night and disappointment moment to end your day with hahaha...Lucky i have you Ana M. i can control those childish act, or not carried away by anger hehehe...S.S.K. Ana M. (try to figure out what is S.S.K. means).

p/s : dont be a turn off, people will be annoyed by you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Radiance

It's 2.10am, Tuesday morning, still not asleep yet..haha because i'm enjoying the time of my life chatting with Ana M. In case you readers do not have any ideas about who is Ana M. well like the spanish would say..she's my corazon, as it means My Heart! hehehe...many of u readers also might be wondering what is with my title huh? Well ladies & gents, radiant is actually about the brightness, dazzle..and/or something like happiness that you could see from someone's expression. Well in my case, Ana M. brighten up my dark days by giving me hope and faith when she cared about me and she dazzled me with her beauty inside out..her heart is so precious to me. Dup Dup Dup Dup still beating..thats how she make me feel...alive! hehehe...well i guess thats all for tonight. My Ana wants me to go to bed now, i got to go to work tomorrow, gotta make money for living huh...huhuhuhu

p/s: hell before heaven (sumtimes u will face sadness and sorrow before the happiness) i made it myself.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reborn (the morning)

Its Sunday Morning, 10.19am on  my lappy's clock. A few minutes ago, i woke up from my long rest, and i felt reborn, i felt alive again, im not sure whether it is too early to say this, but since Anna M. came into my life, i feel better, alive again, and feel like theres no more boundaries in my life, no body is gonna say dont do this or that to me, in fact i have never ever done something to put my loyalty on question, all i wanted was to have a normal life.. so since i left hell, i wanna burn out my old life together with everything i had in hell. I wanna live my life again. This is the remake, reborn of my new life, this is also why i made a new blog for myself. It is all inspired by Anna M. who i fell in love with..a great, wonderful, beautiful gal i met in my institute.

I guess the introduction is still necessary huh?
The name is Muhammad Jufri Bin Jalaluddin
I was born on 29 March 1990
im gonna save my self somtime explaining about myself here, instead im gonna explain it some where around this blog later on. It feels so good to be alive again. Thanks baby (Anna M.)

p/s: screw & ignore my unedited background and info, its a new blog what do ya expect?