Monday, December 6, 2010

The Radiance

It's 2.10am, Tuesday morning, still not asleep yet..haha because i'm enjoying the time of my life chatting with Ana M. In case you readers do not have any ideas about who is Ana M. well like the spanish would say..she's my corazon, as it means My Heart! hehehe...many of u readers also might be wondering what is with my title huh? Well ladies & gents, radiant is actually about the brightness, dazzle..and/or something like happiness that you could see from someone's expression. Well in my case, Ana M. brighten up my dark days by giving me hope and faith when she cared about me and she dazzled me with her beauty inside out..her heart is so precious to me. Dup Dup Dup Dup still beating..thats how she make me feel...alive! hehehe...well i guess thats all for tonight. My Ana wants me to go to bed now, i got to go to work tomorrow, gotta make money for living huh...huhuhuhu

p/s: hell before heaven (sumtimes u will face sadness and sorrow before the happiness) i made it myself.

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