Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party Pooper

It's 2.38am, still not asleep yet. After days with Ana M. everything when so well, ok who am i kidding, honestly it is great to have Ana M. as my darling although it ain't official yet, but still its nice to have her by my side, and i love her, i really do....well everyday since i met her, i went trough it wonderfully, but, there always a but, well but..her old pass keeps on coming back and ruining the happy moments. It is like when we were laughing and laughing, then few minutes later, he came and ruining the moments, it doesn't last but then again, after another few hours, there will be another story about that person who should not be named. That person who should not be named is becoming a party pooper, he has to ruin the moment every time. Well if it's not for Ana M. i'll be raging my anger. Honestly i don't even like it when people ruin my own happy moments. Such a turn off! agh what an angry night and disappointment moment to end your day with hahaha...Lucky i have you Ana M. i can control those childish act, or not carried away by anger hehehe...S.S.K. Ana M. (try to figure out what is S.S.K. means).

p/s : dont be a turn off, people will be annoyed by you.

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