Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reborn (the morning)

Its Sunday Morning, 10.19am on  my lappy's clock. A few minutes ago, i woke up from my long rest, and i felt reborn, i felt alive again, im not sure whether it is too early to say this, but since Anna M. came into my life, i feel better, alive again, and feel like theres no more boundaries in my life, no body is gonna say dont do this or that to me, in fact i have never ever done something to put my loyalty on question, all i wanted was to have a normal life.. so since i left hell, i wanna burn out my old life together with everything i had in hell. I wanna live my life again. This is the remake, reborn of my new life, this is also why i made a new blog for myself. It is all inspired by Anna M. who i fell in love with..a great, wonderful, beautiful gal i met in my institute.

I guess the introduction is still necessary huh?
The name is Muhammad Jufri Bin Jalaluddin
I was born on 29 March 1990
im gonna save my self somtime explaining about myself here, instead im gonna explain it some where around this blog later on. It feels so good to be alive again. Thanks baby (Anna M.)

p/s: screw & ignore my unedited background and info, its a new blog what do ya expect?

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